rule1 [ rul ] noun ***
1. ) count a statement explaining what someone can or cannot do in a particular system, game, or situation:
We need to change the club rules before we start looking for new members.
rule of: the basic rules of the game
break a rule (=not obey a rule): Anyone who breaks the rules will face disciplinary action.
follow/obey a rule: You should always follow these simple rules when using electrical equipment.
against the rules: You can't do that, it's against the rules!
rules and regulations: They complain that businesses are being hampered by too many rules and regulations.
2. ) uncount the person, country, political or religious group, etc. that officially controls or governs a place:
In 1999 Hong Kong went back to Chinese rule.
under someone's rule: He admitted there were killings under his rule but said reports were exaggerated.
a period of military rule
3. ) count a statement or principle that describes the way the words in a language can be used and combined:
complicated grammatical rules
as a rule
used for saying what usually happens:
As a rule, I stay in on Friday nights.
be the rule
to be what usually happens or what is considered to be normal:
Sunny skies are the rule at this time of year.
bend/stretch the rules
to allow something that is not normally allowed:
The school bent the rules and allowed the team to play on Sunday.
make it a rule to do something
to always try to do something:
I make it a rule to be in bed by 10 p.m.
rule of law
a situation in which everyone in a country is expected to obey the laws, including powerful people, military leaders, etc.
rule of thumb
a rule you use for doing or explaining things that is based on experience:
A good rule of thumb is to use only one typeface in the document.
rules are rules SPOKEN
used for telling someone that they have to obey a rule, even if they do not want to
work to rule BRITISH
to do only what the rules at work say you must do and nothing more, as a form of protest
rule 2 [ rul ] verb ***
▸ 1 govern country/area
▸ 2 make decision
▸ 3 influence thought/action
▸ 4 be the most important
▸ 5 draw straight line
1. ) intransitive or transitive to officially control or govern a country or area:
Portugal ruled East Timor for nearly four centuries.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to make and announce a decision, usually about a legal matter:
The police have ruled the death a homicide.
rule on: The court still has not ruled on the Swift case.
rule (that): A federal judge ruled that the city must make all their financial records public.
3. ) transitive to influence someone's thoughts or actions:
Money and music rule Charlie's world.
We must not allow ourselves to be ruled by sentiment in this matter.
4. ) intransitive to be more important or successful than anyone or anything else:
In the world of fashion, McQueen rules supreme.
a ) something/someone rules VERY INFORMAL used for emphasizing how much you like someone or something. This is usually written on shirts or on walls.
5. ) transitive to draw a straight line, usually with a RULER
rule someone/something with an iron fist/hand
to control someone or something in a very strict way
,rule `out phrasal verb transitive
to stop considering something as a possibility:
The president has ruled out the use of American troops.
The investigators said arson could not be ruled out.
,rule `out of phrasal verb transitive
rule someone out of something to make it impossible for a player to take part in a game or competition:
I had a serious shoulder injury that ruled me out of the game for six weeks.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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